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You can have it all

There are a lot of things that would be cool to have or to be able to do, but we’re all limited by something, whether it be money, time, skill, etc.
Pinterest has your back though, because on Pinterest, you can have it all.
AD: Athena Michaels CW: Emery Schindler

:15 Second Spots

Collab with Open AI

If we’re getting technical about it,  Pinterest does have a limitation – it can only show what already exists.

At the top of a board, click the “Imagine” button to expand the board 
with AI-generated images based on the existing pins in the board.

+    =

+ =

Idea to increase the use of Pinterest

Take your favorite of those AI-generated Pinterest posts

Save it to the Collective Imagination board shared across all Pinterest users 

Where a winner will be determined based on # of times each post is saved by users from this board.  Pinterest will take the winning pin and create a real-life, physical version for the creator.