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Oscar Mayer:
The Wienie Cup

In order to make Oscar Mayer the official hot dog of NASCAR racing events, we created the Oscar Mayer Wienie Cup. The Daytona 500 race hosts the Wienermobiles & retired NASCAR Hall of Famers to compete for the Golden Bun Trophy.
AD: Athena Michaels CW: Dipanshi Agarwal ST: Bella Piasentin


The Wienermobiles:

The six existing Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles will all be “dressed” with skins of their respective condiments owned by Heinz, Oscar Mayer’s parent company. 
They will each also have 8 sponsors which are all sister companies to Oscar Mayer under Heinz-Kraft.

The Drivers

The Wienermobiles will be driven by retired NASCAR Hall of Famers such as Ryan Newman, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart,  Jeff Gordon,  Jimmie Johnson,  & Matt Kenseth.

The Golden Bun Trophy

The Golden Ticket

Vote for Your Favorite Condiment:

When you buy hotdogs before or during the race, the condiment packets you ask for will be a vote for that condiment.